2025 Blueprint (MTP/SCS)


The MTP/SCS is Now Blueprint
Linking land use and transportation in the Sacramento region

The creation of the original Sacramento Region Blueprint was a revolutionary undertaking and compelled a critical assessment of the relationship between transportation and land-use in the region. The strategy, completed almost 20 years ago, set the precedent for how metropolitan planning organizations undertake regional design. SACOG has chosen to carry on the innovative strategy’s legacy through the Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy, or the MTP/SCS.

What is the Blueprint?

The Blueprint, to be finalized in early 2025, is SACOG members’ plan to build a connected region that includes transportation options for residents, affordable housing for the region’s growing population, and equitable investments that give all community members access to a safe and healthy region. SACOG staff and board are working now on the plan that prepares the region for 2050. Check back here for updates, progress, and announcements.    

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The MTP/SCS is federally required to be updated every four years. SACOG staff is currently beginning that work with the update being adopted in early 2025.


Grants Available for Community Based Organizations
Grants from $1,000 to $5,000 available to gather community input for 2025 Blueprint

Community members are invited to shape the future of the region, and we need help from Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to ensure everyone’s voice is heard! Applications are now open for CBO partners to propose outreach and engagement activities for the 2025 Blueprint to build community awareness and help gather input.  


What should our region look like in 2050?
Take this 15-minute survey to inform our region's future.

The 2025 Blueprint is the region’s plan to achieving a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous region. Your input will inform how the SACOG Board of Directors, made up of city and county elected officials, invests state and federal transportation dollars to shape the future of the Sacramento region. 

The survey will ask how you get around, what you value when it comes to your community specifically on transportation, community growth, equity, and housing. 


Pathway Options to 2050

To better understand how the land use and transportation decisions we make today will affect the future and to help identify strategies that can remain durable across a range of futures despite changing and disruptive uncertainties, SACOG is undertaking a scenario planning effort, referred to as Pathways, as part of the process for the 2025 Blueprint.

What you need to know about the 2025 Blueprint

What you need to know about the 2025 Blueprint

What is the 2025 Blueprint?   

The 2025 Blueprint will outline recommendations for public land use policy and transportation investment strategies for the Sacramento region for the next 20-30 years. This plan will lay out a set of strategies for an integrated, multimodal transportation system and regional development pattern that can create a more thriving region that works for all residents.


Blueprint Process Overview

Phase 1: Fall 2021/Winter 2022

Framing for the 2024 Blueprint

Based on ongoing board conversations and local, regional, and statewide planning efforts since the adoption of the 2020 MTP/SCS, SACOG will examine topics and priorities that should be explored in more detail for the 2024 update. Examples of the topical or priority areas the board may choose to focus on for the plan update include: