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The 2016 MTP/SCS was adopted by the SACOG Board on February 18, 2016.  The plan covers the period from 2012 to 2036 and is an update to the 2012 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy. This MTP/SCS provides the regional plan for transportation investments, integrated with projected land use, and funding constraints the region can reasonably expect to see through 2036. 

The plan takes an integrated approach to transportation and land use, and the resulting impacts to air quality, with a focus on implementation and maintenance of the existing transportation system. Additionally, the MTP/SCS supports the Sacramento Region Blueprint, which implements smart growth principles such as compact and mixed-use development that shorten commute times, reduce traffic congestion, lessen dependence on automobiles, improve air quality, and provide for housing choices more aligned with the changing demographic. The 2016 MTP/SCS provides increased transportation options, while also reducing congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, and distances traveled between jobs and housing. The MTP/SCS is key to the quality of life and economic health of our region. Some examples of the plan’s performance benefits include:

  • a reduction in the amount of heavy congestion per capita;
  • progress toward a “state-of-good-repair” for the existing roadway and transit system with increased investment in maintenance and rehabilitation;
  • significant increases in the number of choice riders on the transit system;
  • greater levels of investment in a truly multi-modal system, including complete streets, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities; and
  • reductions in per capita passenger vehicle greenhouse gas emissions consistent with targets established by the California Air Resources Board.
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2016 MTP/SCS
2016 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy

At their February 18th meeting, the SACOG Board of Directors adopted the 2016 update to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy. Download the full document or individual chapters and appendices.

General information

Final 2016 MTP/SCS Environmental Impact Report

View the Final Environment Impact Report for the 2016 MTP/SCS, certified by the SACOG Board of Directors on February 18, 2016. Download the full document or individual chapters and appendices.