When Face-to-Face Is at a Distance
How local governments are innovating as they adapt to Covid-19

March 31, 2020: In West Sacramento the mayor interviewed the school district superintendent on Zoom, using questions community members had posted on social media.  In Roseville, City staff posted signs at grocery stores that have the City’s Covid-19 website and phone number for people to get local information and FAQs. And in Placer County the staff are working collaboratively through Teams.

The I80 over the Yolo Basin.

Battling Bottlenecks on I80
Caltrans plans congestion-busting measures between Dixon and Sacramento

March 31, 2020: No matter where you come from in the Greater Sacramento region, you know that sinking feeling as you approach the sea of brake lights on the causeway over the Yolo Bypass. As transportation reporter Tony Bizjak joked in the Sacramento Bee, “it’s become a major pain in the bumper.” 

The key reason the freeway between West Sacramento and Davis is so often jammed is high demand: more people want to drive that route than it can smoothly accommodate. The best solution is to give all those travelers more options to get where they want to go. This includes giving people better transit options, better bike and walking options, and making more efficient use of the space on the freeway.