Transportation Demand Management


Transportation Demand Management

For many years, the Sacramento Area Council of Government (SACOG’s) has had a Regional TDM program that supports and promotes alternative, non-drive alone transportation modes, including carpooling, vanpooling, public transit, bicycling, walking, and telecommuting. TDM is listed as a Transportation Control Measure (TCM) in the 1997 Ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP), which expires in 2018, and is in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy as Strategy 8.1: Continue the region’s previous commitment to TDM programs as a strategy for education and promotion of alternative travel modes for all types of trips toward reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) by 10 percent.

SACOG’s analysis for the 2016 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategies (MTP/SCS) accounts for benefits from the Regional TDM program that help the region achieve greenhouse gas emission targets and air quality conformity. The TDM program’s goal is to help contribute to the reduction in trips anticipated in the MTP/SCS by 2036.


TDM Innovations Grant
Pre-applications are due April 28th, 5:00pm

Think you have a solution that will get people in the Sacramento region to get out of their cars and can produce measureable results? Submit a concept paper during our pre-application round for feedback on your idea!