Bike Share is coming May 2017


On May 15, 2017, Bike Share will roll into the Sacramento Region. Today, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) was approved to enter into a contract with Social Bicycles (SoBi) for a regional bike share system that will include the cities of Sacramento, West Sacramento, Davis, and UC Davis (UCD).
SoBi and SACOG, along with city partners, will implement a 50 to 100 Smart Bike preview system in May 2017 that includes Sacramento (downtown and midtown) and West Sacramento (Washington and the Bridge District). The system will grow to 800 Smart Bicycles plus 100 Electric Bicycles, during a system expansion targeted for later this fall. The project is simultaneously pursuing a title sponsor for the system that will help name the system and brand the bikes.
SoBi will own and operate the bicycles and, through coordination with SACOG and partner cities, will plan the rack locations for the bicycles. The bicycles will be accessible through a smart phone app. For those without smart phone access there will be outdoor kiosks at selected parking stations and indoor kiosks at future partner locations. For users without credit cards there will be an option for cash payments.

  • Using bike share will cost $4 per hour and is prorated to the minute.
  • The monthly pass option costs $15 a month and includes 60 minutes of use per day.
  • The annual student membership is $30 a year and includes 60 minutes of use per day.

SoBi is an industry leader that has changed bike share by introducing Smart Bicycles. SoBi’s bicycles have real-time GPS and electronic locks that enable locking on any type of bike infrastructure, which allows users more flexibility when parking. Customers will be able to park at public bike racks and have more freedom for checking out and returning bikes. Smart Bicycles have all the necessary technology and equipment on the bicycles themselves, reducing reliance on a kiosk for check out and return.
Sacramento and West Sacramento will begin to see bikes during May is Bike Month. The regional campaign for replacing car trips with bike trips will be a great time to introduce the new mobility option for residents and commuters alike.

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