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Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan is a 28-year plan for transportation improvements in our six-county region based on projections for growth in population, housing and jobs. The MTP is key to the quality of life and economic health of our region.

Ensuring convenient access to jobs, school, entertainment, recreation and critical services such as banking, medical care and shopping will require a transportation system of roads, transit, bikeways and sidewalks to manage our diverse needs.

SACOG is the Metropolitan Planning Organization responsible for developing the state and federally required MTP every four years in coordination with the 22 cities and six counties in the greater Sacramento region. Under memoranda of understanding, long-range transportation plans in El Dorado and Placer Counties are also incorporated into the MTP.

Regardless of city or county designated transportation projects, local improvements must be included in our regional MTP to receive state and federal funding. The current MTP for 2035 proposes using $41.7 billion in transportation funds to operate, maintain and expand the region's transportation system. Expenditures included:

  • $14.3 billion to transit investments
    • $4.2 billion in capital investment
    • $10.1 billion in operation
  • $2.9 billion to state highway improvement
  • $8.3 billion to local road improvement
  • $1.4 billion to exclusively bike/pedestrian improvement
  • $2.3 billion in other improvements for the region (programs)

Federal law requires the MTP to conform to air quality goals for the region, satisfy financial constraints such that all proposed projects can be reasonably funded, and undergo extensive public review. State law further requires the MTP process include careful environmental analysis and review.

The MTP2035 is the first MTP for the Sacramento region to pro-actively link land use, air quality, and transportation needs. Development of the MTP2035 included an 18-month public priority setting process to identify a list of transportation improvement projects to best meet the needs of our region as a whole.

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