Regional Forum 2004

Four scenarios were presented during the Forum, labeled A, B, C, and D. The scenarios described varying patterns of growth and development throughout the region. A detailed description of the scenarios is available by visiting “The Presentation”. A description of how each of these scenarios affects local sub-areas is available by visiting “Regional Scenarios by Sub-Areas.”

Description of the Scenarios

Scenario A: Future development the same as today’s (fairly low density). The scenario has an outward growth pattern, with jobs-housing imbalances in sub-areas.

Scenario B: More housing choice, some growth through re-investment, mix of land uses, “edge” cities get their most growth.

Scenario C: Slightly higher housing densities and re-investment than B, mix of land uses, “inner ring” areas get their most growth.

Scenario D: Highest housing densities and re-investment levels, mix of land uses, “core” areas get their most growth.

The Forum’s 1,400 participants were divided into 172 tables. Each table chose the scenario it preferred. In addition, individuals voted for their first and second preference for their local area, as well as for the region. The results were:

Preferred Scenario at Small Group Tables

A: 0 percent

B: 10 percent

C: 54 percent

D: 36 percent

First and Second Choice Scenarios of individuals for their local area:

A: 3 percent, 2 percent

B: 15 percent, 18 percent

C: 34 percent, 55 percent

D: 47 percent, 23 percent

Not sure: 2 percent, 2 percent

First and second choice scenario of individuals for the region:

A: 1 percent, 1 percent

B: 12 percent, 17 percent

C: 40 percent, 50 percent

D: 46 percent, 29 percent

Not sure: 2 percent, 3 percent

Next Steps

SACOG staff is in the process of scheduling briefings with each local government (cities and counties). These will occur through July. These briefings will be from one- to two-hours depending on local preference.

A discussion draft alternative scenario will be presented at the September meeting of the SACOG Board of Directors. The input from the local briefings will significantly shape how the land use and transportation elements are treated for each local government in the discussion draft alternative.

Based on the input from the Forum, SACOG staff proposes that Scenario C be the starting point for building this discussion draft. Significant elements of D would be included, and some elements in B. In addition, Elk Grove has requested that its General Plan be used, which probably is closest to A.

Blueprint Milestones

  • Further technical research and stakeholder input, including workshops with city council and county boards of supervisors (May – July 2004)
  • Board action on discussion draft Blueprint preferred scenario/principles (September 2004)
  • Continue technical research and development of public opinion poll and newspaper insert (July – August 2004)
  • Public input on discussion draft Blueprint preferred scenario/principles (October 2004)
  • Board adoption of preferred scenario/principles (December 2004)
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