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Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Master Plan

The Regional Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Master Plan is intended to guide the long-term decisions for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding Program. The focus of both the Master Plan and the Funding Program is to provide facilities for walking and biking in the communities of the Sacramento Region, and provide connections between the communities. The goal is to integrate local plans to create a seamless regional bicycle and pedestrian system. This approach prioritizes local projects by their contribution to the regional network, providing key connections and access between communities, counties and jurisdictions, and improving conditions for bicycling and walking. Local surveys have found that people are willing to bicycle or walk more frequently for utilitarian purposes when safe and convenient facilities are provided.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Contact Person

Lacey Symons-Holtzen
Associate Planner
(916) 340-6212

Victoria Cacciatore
Transportation Planner
(916) 340-6214

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