Image of May is Bike Month is Here!

May is Bike Month is Here!

Cue the bike bells, the Sacramento region’s 12th annual May is Bike Month (MIBM) has officially rolled in! Ding ding. Help the region reach two million miles this year, whether it be by joining your neighbors and co-workers in bicycling for work, school, shopping, recreation or training. Be sure to log miles throughout the month of May to earn badges and enter weekly drawings for gift certificates and MIBM socks! Registration will continue to be open throughout the month of May. 

General information

Do Business with SACOG

In early 2016, SACOG secured a new vendor to ensure more transparent and streamlined public contracting services. SACOG’s contract and purchasing service provider is Public Purchase, a web based service.

This new service is free to any consultants who register to receive notifications. 

Want to know when SACOG releases a bid for services or partnerships? Register for online notification. 

Sacramento Region Blueprint

Sacramento Region Blueprint

Adopted in 2004, the Sacramento Region Blueprint brought together residents, local governments, business leaders, and advocates to design a growth plan that improves quality of life and economic competitiveness. 




SACOG’s New Web Based e-Procurement Service – Public Purchase

Sacramento Area Council of Government’s Purchasing and Contracts Department is proud to announce that we will now use Public Purchase, a web based e-Procurement service. 

In order to begin or continue to receive bid notifications as a subscriber, you must register with this new system.  This process will only take a few minutes.  The registration process and instructions are detailed below in the Instructions section.